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We are a dynamic and innovative Start-Up with a passion to digitize the legal sector and develop future-proofed business models. Our expertise allows us to explore groundbreaking topics in the legal domain, creating solutions for future challenges.

Our focus lies in Legaltech, where we connect stakeholders globally and revolutionize the rapidly growing market for online intellectual property. 

Discover below how we advance intellectual property challenges. Become part of our international partnerships and invest in the future of law.


Explore our innovative products and revolutionize your legal practice

United Law

Through the power of technology, we enable lawyers to collaborate across borders, providing more efficient and precise legal services. 

United Creatives

A powerful search engine with advanced AI and a network of lawyers to detect and handle copyright infringements globally. 

Brand Intelligence

Specialized internet brand protection service, uncovering online trademark infringements, providing valuable insights to trademark attorneys and enabling them to access previously undiscovered cases.

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